Friday, April 25, 2008

Go Wings!

It's late April in Michigan so that means the Red Wings are rolling along in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Just started the Western Conference semi-final round against the Colorado Avalanche with a win. Woot! There were a few flashes of the new rivalry that is shaping up shown in the game last night. A few little scrums, some pushing and shoving, and some big open ice hits. I can't wait for game 2. These two teams were making the NHL must-see television in the US before the lockout. They could easily reach that level of intensity again. Go Red Wings!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Get cookin' -- it's tax time

Get cookin' -- it's tax time

Tax day in the United States is coming up on April 15th. Hooray! Since I am a CPA, that means the end is in sight for me. I've almost survived another tax season. If you haven't thought about filing your tax returns for 2007 yet, now is the time to jump on that. Have a great day!