Friday, May 2, 2008

Fantasy Baseball

My fantasy baseball team is mired in third place in a ten team league. Not that I am complaining too much. Last year I had a hard time getting and staying above 7th. I must've learned a little bit. My goal for this year was to not finish last. So far so good. I try not to look at my team's performance too often. Things have a way of evening out as the season progresses.

Why do I enjoy fantasy baseball so much? Not sure. I've tried other fantasy sports and just don't enjoy them as much. Maybe it's because of the natural statistical order of baseball. Once the sample sizes are large enough, the stats become meaningful and performance can be predicted with some degree of accuracy. Other sports aren't like that. In baseball if a career .250 hitter suddenly starts mashing at .450 for a few weeks I know not to get too excited because there is a cold period coming up where that player will regress back to their mean. Similarly if a career .300 hitter starts scuffling at .175 I know to just let it ride and he'll come back. It might also be the individual nature of the battle between the hitter and the pitcher. Other sports depend far more on team effort for individual success. In baseball, no one is going to help Miguel Cabrera hit home runs other than Miguel himself. In hockey the most skilled player in the world will not shine without a good supporting cast around them.

I guess in the end I enjoy crunching the numbers of all of those baseball players and seeing if I can dig up a sleeper that will launch my team to the top.

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